BD Group is committed to make positive contributions to the society, with the aim of increasing the prosperity and wellbeing of all. To date, we have successfully delivered and contributed to a number of initiatives, benefitting the welfare and living standards of thousands. The contributions we have made include delivering medical treatment for the underprivileged, scholarships and educational funding for students and social safety nets for various vulnerable groups.

We have partnered with renowned international organizations such as Save the Children, UK and the United Nations Development Programme to deliver crucial contributions for deserving groups.

Our social responsibility is intrinsic to our business, and we firmly believe in engaging with people at all levels to help our business prosper.

 Current and Previous CSR Initiatives:

 The following prominent CSR initiatives of BD Group have been domestically and internationally lauded:

 • Funding a Hospital in Noakhali, Bangladesh for medical treatment of people at subsidized or zero costs.

• Providing food, support (drinking water, medicine, clothes, financial) for the victims of natural disasters/cyclones (like Sidr and Ayla).

• Supported victims of the Rana Plaza Tragedy, Nimtoli fire in Dhaka etc.

• Sponsored various social and cultural events to create funds for saving the lives of ailing children.

• Funding for social awareness regarding disasters, diseases and conservation of environment.

• Providing financial support to widows and elderly people.

•  Funding educational materials for school going poor and orphan children.

•  Sponsoring farmers to produce chemical-free crops.

 Upcoming and Long-term Initiatives:

 • Environmental Conservation Initiatives.

• Protection of Marine Life Diversity, Green Movement for the Sustainability of Ecosystems.

• Protection of Water bodies like rivers, canals and other inland aquatic reservoirs of Bangladesh.

• Long-term beneficial schemes for the families of farmers and fishermen.